About Designer Marcella Jones

It's really about you...

"I like to dress women in  bold prints mixed with clean lines, neutral and rich colors and special and unique details that allows them to make a statement.

My designs are for women that love to stand out whether she's at work or play. The Marcella Co. woman is classic, crisp and sleekly dressed with a modern edge. She is appropriate even for those unexpected, yet highly desired, meetings of opportunity.

The Marcella Co. woman is timeless and amazing. I have a passion for mixing textures and details to create new looks to classic styles that present woman in a way that makes an impression.

The Marcella Collection Career line carries classic touches rather than trendy temporary hype... Yet without neglecting a women's desire to stay abreast of current trends and stand out from among the rest.

The brand story accentuates the curves and beauty of being a woman in a tasteful and appropriate manner.

My inspiration for creativity and design comes from my Savior Jesus. For without Him we can do nothing... I’m simply enthused to be a part of it- and so are you."

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Marcella Collection